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-- Welcome to Kelebrindae's Code Corner ! --

Last updates:
Apps -> Stellar system generator (25/07/2016)
Apps -> Le mystère de Kikekankoi (FR) - Remake (01/09/2010)

- Features :

  • Home: This page. Wasn't it a warm welcome ? Hm ?
  • Screensavers : Some screensavers, available to download.
  • Other progs : Everything. But "anything" would be more accurate.
  • Code : Some useful code snippets for the DarkBasic Coder. How to make a "Memblock Matrix", some Platonic Solids, the "Open File" Dialog and other calls to Windows' API, etc..
  • 3D Models : A few lowpoly 3DS objects; Nothing fabulous, but it can help.
  • Sound FX : A large collection of sound effects which were on my hard-drive for several years; quite useful for any of your game programing needs, too.
  • Links : Ah, the Magic of hyperlinks ! Points to some interesting places on the Net.

- What use is this website ?
Mainly, to expose the few creations I'm proud of. Computer programming has always been my passion (even if I've never been really good at it). These pages allow me to share this passion and, if possible, to help those who want to code too.
But the observant ones will have noticed the PayPal link, there, to the left. Well... Some of the things you'll find here are the result of many hours of work; I don't ask anything in exchange, but hey, it wouldn't hurt... And PayPal allows perfectly secured online donations. Besides, the ads bring me a few micro-cents for each click.

Thanks a lot !


Note 1: All you can download from this website is guaranted Virus-free. I check it frequently. Honest !
Note 2: I'm french, you know ? So, please, forgive my "engrish" (or "frenglish"; I don't know what fits best)...

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