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This page in intended to DarkBasic users only. Darkbasic is a programming language which combines the simplicity of BASIC and the graphic power of DirectX ; it's perfect for whoever wants to create games or other 3D applications without having to fight his way through the complexity of C++.

Here are some code snippets which proved to be useful in my past coder life (right-click, "save target as..."):

  • Memblock Matrix: Create "matrix-like-objects" that can be manipulated as other objects (rotations, textures, etc.). Includes functions to load/save heightmaps, smooth geometry, manage normals, and others. Take a look at this screenshot, it can give an idea of the possible uses. (DarkBasic Classic only).
  • Calls to Windows' API: How to use a font which is not installed on your PC, how to change your program's priority amongst the other applications, how to avoid "iconization"...
  • Platonic Solids : A function to create the following objects -> tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron. (DarkBasic Classic only).
  • Juggler: A little game with which I won the "20-liner" challenge of april 2005 in the DarkBasic forums. Very well commented, it offers a simple example of "forced-timing" (a programming technic which ensures that your code will always run at the same speed, whatever CPU it's running on).
  • A water simulation. Not the best (far from it!), but it can help...
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