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-- Sound FX --

A few time ago, as I was fumbling in my hard disk, I realized that I had accumulated a vast amount of music files over the years . You know what it's like: you say it'll be useful one day for this best-seller game you intend to write but never finish (or sometimes never even start). And indeed, most of the time, I've never used them, and I've finally let them rot in some dusty directory.

But when I found them, I thought that you, who are probably more persistent than I am, could make use of these files. Et voilà: a few hundred fx of all kinds, converted into a compact-and-easy-to-use MP3 format, available to whoever wants to embellish his future gaming masterpiece.

A little Warning, tho': these files aren't probably all free of rights; I downloaded many of them on the internet, and I don't know exactly where they come from. So, when the time comes to distribute your work throughout the world, it would be more prudent to replace them with other sounds whose you acquired the rights in the proper form. On the other hand, if it's just to tinker at home, no problem!


All these files have been collected randomly over several years. Some come from loyalties-free audio CD, others have been recorded in movies and TV series, and others were downloaded on the Internet. I do not remember (or I have never known) their origin, their name or their original format. If you want to use these sounds in a program intended to be distributed to the public, please make sure that they are free for use. If you can not be sure (which is likely), you should replace them with sounds acquired from one of the many specialized sites on the web.


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