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-- Ctimene's journeys --

This app simulates the journeys of Ctimene, a fictional space probe whose story has been published in Galaxies SF 42.

This program is actually a procedural star system generator: enter a name for your system (or leave it to chance) and poof: you get the corresponding sun with all its planets, habitable or not. You can also zoom in on each one to observe them at leisure.

Although mostly imaginary (it aim stimulate dreamers and help SF writers in search of inspiration), this program strives for a little credibility. It is based on an old algorithm named Accrete, which simulates the formation of planets from the accretion disk surrounding newborn suns. It also calculates a whole lot of information, such as the planet's type (gas, martian, earth-like...), gravity, temperature, greenhouse effect, atmosphere's composition, elements that are liquid on surface, etc ..
This information is established as rigorously and scientifically as possible, in the extent of my meager knowledge. The graphics, at the contrary, are entirely fictive and serve the sole purpose to produce eye candies... ;)

Go explore: all these worlds are yours! (Except Europa; attempt no landing there.)

Download: Ctimene's journeys (32 Mo)
Also available in Portable version (one file, no installation)

Tested on the following configuration:
- PC Core Duo 1.6Ghz, 2 Go RAM, bureautic GPU, Windows XP / Vista /Seven / 10

Known bugs:
- Shaky movements when you're around the farthest planets from the star. It's probably caused by the way the 3D engine manages very big distances...


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