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-- The Kikekankoi's Mystery v2.0 --

The Kikekankoi's Mystery is an old adventure game released for Oric 1 and Amstrad CPC some 25 years ago. (Oh my, Time flies so fast...)

It is also the first adventure game I've ever played, and it was quite a revelation for me. The game was hard and the player would die often (most of the time without the slightest warning), but there was many places to see (more than sixty), and the puzzles were logical and varied. I really loved it.

So I decided to honor this little piece of videogame history by creating this retro-remake. For now, I only have the "retro" side. I tried to recreate the game 100% identical to the original: Same graphics, same vocabulary, same map, same puzzles .... Everything has been carefully reproduced, with an almost manic attention to details!

Still, I erased one or two things that annoyed me: the parser is a bit more flexible, you can save as many time as you want (only once in the original), places and objects now have a detailed textual description, etc..
And I also added an alternative ending: there are now two very different ways to win the game: a moral one, and a more discutable other...

Download: The Kikekankoi's Mystery (3.17 Mo)

(Warning, my good ol' anglo-saxon fellows: all texts in this game are in french...)


Tested on the following configuration:
- PC 1.6Ghz, 256 Mo RAM, bureautic GPU, Windows XP / Vista /Seven

NB: the intro music was composed by Emily Howell. I have absolutely no right to use it, but it suits the mood of the game perfectly, and Emily is so fascinating ... I could not resist.

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