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-- "Abstract Dance" Screensaver --

Somewhere in a unknown area of Cosmos, multicoloured geometrical forms curve and play with the light.
It seems simple (and it is!), but this screensaver fulfills perfectly its two principal functions:
1. To move enough pixels to prevent unaesthetic marks from appearing on your screen;
2. To trap any potential spectator, who will then stare at the pretty colors instead of doing whatever task he has to do.

On this latest aspect, "Abstract Dance" is a total success: the rhythmic oscillations of these coloured loops which tie and untie on the stary background will quickly plunge you in an hypnotic transe. (well, it has this effect on me: sometimes, I stare at the spectacle during 5 or 10 minutes without being able to wake up...).
Enough said: Test it, you will judge by yourself. Here are the specifications:

  • Space environment recreated using photographs from the Hubble telescope;
  • Up to 1000 objects animated on screen;
  • You can choose the shape of these objects (among the Platonic Solids: tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedrons or icosahedrons);
  • Don't need a powerful graphic card -> it works perfectly with a bureautic GPU;
  • Simple installation and uninstallation (there's an integrated install program);

Download: Abstract Dance Screensaver (1.12 Mo)

Tested 1024x768 with 500 objects on screen on the following configuration:
- PC 1.6Ghz, 256 Mo RAM, Video Card VANTA LT (bureautic card), Windows XP with DirectX 8.1

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