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-- Le Pays des Lettres (Letters' Country)--

Here is "Le Pays des Lettres" (Warning, my good ol' anglo-saxon fellows: it's a french speaking program).

This is a little program which fulfills only one goal: to entertain my 2 years old son, who loves to bash my keyboard at random.

With"Le Pays des Lettres" (what an original name!), each key stroke makes the corresponding letter bounce from the bottom of the screen, shows a little picture of an animal whose name begins with this letter, and launches a sound file that says "M comme Mouton" (in french). "Enter" opens the front door of the house, "Space" shows a little rocket.


  • If the music annoys you, hit F1.
  • The animal pictures and the sound files are extracted in the install directory, if you want to translate them.

Download: Le Pays des Lettres (2.18 Mo)

Tested on the following configuration:
- PC 1.6Ghz, 256 Mo RAM, Video Card VANTA LT (bureautic card), Windows XP with DirectX 8.1

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